Goals of the Company

 Non-financial goals
1. Employee training and development
Our entire production is in Vietnam in order to promote fair trade and establishes a good relationship with the developed and developing countries. All the existing staff employed would be provided on-job training and they are entitles in a promotion scheme.
2. Communication
Initially, the community involvement could improve the quality life of the grass-root customers while the information can be easily received. With our product, it can shorten the communication distance for people. The contribution from the community can enhance the reputation and give our brand name in additional exposure.
 Financial goals
1. Pay-back within 5 years
The income of the company comes from two group target customers and the main income from advertisement. The pay-back period to the initial shareholders is targeted to 5 years.
2. To be a listed company in Hong Kong
While we have 5 billion reserves, we would list our company in the Hong Kong stock market. While the company listed, it would benefit the existing shareholders and raising capital from the public.

3.3 Strategic competitive advantages
1. Creating and Designing product
iPaper provides different multi-media functions which is unique in the world as it is the first mover in the market.
2. Consistency of quality
The internal quality control department would be set up. To sustain the high level of quality over time, our company would invite the third party to test our product periodically and reach the independent qualified approved.