Goals for Semester

McKenzie Dermanelian
August 29, 2011
Ms. Jacobson
Composition I

My Goals for this Semester at Ashford University

Many people have goals set for themselves so that they may have something to look forward to and work for.   As a new college student, I have set many goals for myself.   Being a freshman at a university that is six hours away from home can be intimidating.   Goals help me to stay on track and look at the bigger picture if I was to succeed.   Goals that I have for this semester are to make adequate grades, to become more involved on campus, and to feel the smallest amount of homesickness as possible.
My grades are my utmost concern.   I take deep pride in the quality of my grades and always work to make them better.   I know my academics are what are going to someday get me a job that I to desire.   Without my higher education, that would be impossible to obtain.   I want to be as well prepared gas possible in my line of work, so the hard work starts now.   I want to be able to work the job I have with the best of my abilities and with the abilities that Ashford University has instilled in me.
To be more involved on campus, I have to take a step out of my dorm once in a while.   Getting involved will allow me to develop the people skills that I will need in order to communicate with others.   Like with anything else, it takes much practice and time to get used to it.   Ashford University will also be more personable to me as an individual.   I will get to know the people that make up such a beautiful university and appreciate all their hard work that has come forth to make it possible.
Homesickness is inevitable for everyone.   The goal is to feel as small amount of it possible.   Being six hours away from my family is rough.   Seeing my family every day to hardly at all is a big change.   I have started some ways to cope.   I have taken some things from home that reminded me of home.   Regular calls have helped tremendously.   Scheduling visits home give me...