Globalization is the hottest topic in recent years and a team with diverse membership becomes ordinary. Many multinational companies believe that a team’s effectiveness could be enhanced by having a diverse membership. A team’s effectiveness could be defined as a team’s abilities to executive each task and its performance for competition. And its diverse membership means the team is made up of people from different areas with different identities. In discussing a team’s effectiveness is enhanced by having a diverse membership, this article will involve the advantages of a diverse membership in a multinational team. The whole article would focus on several parts as follows: a diverse membership permits increased creativity; a diverse membership forces team members to have more communication which leads to a better understanding of others’ ideas, perspectives, meanings and needs; a diverse membership can lead to better solutions and decisions.

Diverse membership is caused by workforce diversity. As the development of globalization, most of employees in multinational companies are no longer only from one country. There are several examples which reflect workforce diversity. It shows that in the USA 28percent of the population are ethnic minorities in 2005; but the ratio will reach 50percent by the end of 2050. In other words, this country’s workforce becomes much more diversified. And the same situation has happened in Canada, this ratio will be double in 2015 than the ratio in 1995. (Seyman, 2006, p302) Because of the diversity of today’s workforce, it leads to the diversity of culture in multinational companies. As a result, the diversity membership comes to the forefront of managers of multinational companies. The following part will explain how the diverse membership enhances the team’s effectiveness.

First of all, a diverse membership permits increased creativity and innovation. It can help companies to get wider range of perspectives and more ideas for one...