Globalization Argumentative Essay

Globalization appears to be the newest theme and answer to the world’s problems. Thomas Barnett believes it is the responsibility of the United States, namely our military, to proliferate globalization and that it should be the primary focus, in his paper “The Pentagon’s New Map”.   I believe the U.S. cannot take on the sole responsibility of making globalization work worldwide and that education needs to be a key component.   All of the first world countries have an equal responsibility to promote globalization.   The costs involved in providing security forces shouldn’t fall solely on the U.S. taxpayers; to do so will only lead to bankrupting the U.S.   If the United States only focuses on the small wars associated with bringing about globalization, the United States runs the risk of not being prepared for a major conflict.
The United States’ military is not the only answer, but will play a role in providing security, as should other nations’ militaries.   Globalization sounds appealing, and is part of the solution.   However, education must be foremost.   Without education there is no hope for the countries that are in the “Gap” (still in the dark ages, or repressive leadership).   An educated people are tantamount to the success of their country in the globalized world.   Security is part of the formula, namely the initial part that helps usher in education.   However, if the United States is the only country providing security, then there will always be resentment of our efforts, and the perception that the U.S. is pressing their ideals and beliefs on the rest of the world.   If our allies step up and equally help, then globalization just might work.
Is Globalization the sole answer to world peace?   No.   Education should be the first priority.   As we have seen in the Congo region of Africa, an area with both oil and diamonds which the world markets desire, globalization has only led to more and more bloodshed.   The Congo, its government, and its people were nowhere...