Global Warming

Diane Knight
SCI 207 Dependence of Man on the Environment
Instructor:   Rebecca Gillaspy
April 22, 2012

Global Warming
Global warming is it fact or fiction? Consequently it is important to be able to distinguish the true facts from fiction that is being promoted. Global warming is not a small problem nor is it a single country’s problem, but an entire society’s one; one that could have a huge impact on our environment and thus putting our world in jeopardy of not having a sustainable world. This may very well become the largest challenge humanity will face in the twenty-first century (A Cooler Climate, n.d.). So this paper will analyze the question is global warming due to only those actions of the human race and if so can the human race take some actions to prevent further contamination of the environment. An important issue that will be discussed first will be that global warming does happen through natural causes, this is a fact. What also will be presented as facts will be how greenhouse gases are being produced from human activities; the need to reduce the progress of urbanization; and the necessity of eliminating the deforestation of the earth’s forests; as well as, the discussion concerning possible solutions in helping to solve global warming. Solutions, such as, planning better layouts for suburbs being built; ways to save our forests; and other means of saving energy and using energy-efficient appliances are being implemented when possible. Therefore the warming of our planet has come at the hands of mother-nature as well as the hands of humans, thus it is up to the human race to take charge and find a way to put an end to global warming.
It has been documented that there are other reasons beyond human activity for global warming or climate change, as some like to call it. The reason for the name change is because there are significant changes to measure in the climate which can last for an extended period of time. The planet...