Global Warming

Global Warming
I. Introduction
        Thesis: Global warming has various causes that have been attributed to the adverse effects of global warming which to alleviate them needs nations coming up with workable solutions.
Main Body
II. Causes of Global warming
        A. Include: carbon dioxide gas emission from burning of fossil fuels, burning of vegetation, greenhouse effects, and increased temperature effects.
        B. Burning of fossil fuels and vegetation are main causes of global warming as a result of emission of CO2 and other harmful gas in the atmosphere which is creating the greenhouse effect.
        C. The greenhouse effect is another primary cause of global warming being witnessed in the world today. The carbon dioxide gas and other harmful gases are being released in the atmosphere at alarming rate creating a funnel atmosphere.
III. Effects of global warming
        A. The effects of global warming are diverse and far-reaching in the world today and includes rising temperatures.
              ➢ Polar Regions rising temperatures due to global warming have cause immense melting of ice leading to rising sea levels. Example, Greenland icecaps melted at a higher rate of fifty-three cubic miles in 1996 an increase from twenty-two cubic miles in 1995.
        B. Global warming is to blame for the adverse weather catastrophes that are taking place in the world over the past decade.
              ➢ El Nino, Hurricane Katrina, other floods causing havoc, and droughts are manifestations of global warming around the world. Storms and floods are the major catastrophes that are being witnessed today as result of high temperatures causing high rate of evaporation and rising sea levels.
IV. Recommended solutions
        A. It is time that mankind goes back to the drawing board and come up with solutions to the global warming lest he becomes extinct without doubt.
        B. Politicians and other...