Global Warming

Global Warming is the increase of the earth’s atmosphere causing climatic change.   The subject is not new and in fact was first recognized in the early 1800’s. However, the debate has changed.   Originally the argument was whether global warming actually existed.   There are some skeptics who will continue to refute that subject even though due to much evidence most would concur that the earth is indeed warming.   Therefore in the last several decades the bigger controversy has not been “if” it exists, but “why”?”   Are the causes human effects or is natural science the lone culprit?   There is much information supporting both sides.   My opinion and argument is that global warming originated by nature, but is accelerated today by man-made contributions.   My belief is that we must take actions to help our planet sustain a healthy atmosphere for safe habitation.   I can support my thesis using research and scientific data.   Past and present politics will also be analyzed on both sides as global warming is one of the most complicated issues in front of our leaders worldwide.  
Due to the massive subject matter and the thousands of sources, I will concentrate on the last two decades while using a broad historical time line only when necessary to preface a more in depth fact.   Through the years scientists have studied the greenhouse effects, CO2 emissions, methane, orbital rotation and a host of other climatic changes.   The issues are here to stay and we must be aware of the facts as consumers and citizens. The truth is that we are responsible and need to make the necessary changes in our world including daily living and supporting political leaders at the polls.   “Going Green” has been called a political ploy used by candidates at election time.   Through analysis of opposing sides I have learned much and chosen to support the scientific field.
For every fact supporting the effects of man in global warming, the opposition has a rebuttal.   One of the more widespread...