Global Sustainable Packaging Market 2024

Increasing concerns related to waste generation, industrial pollution, unproductive use of resources and materials are anticipated to be the major challenges for the long term sustainable development. Sustainable solution for these challenges has become the principal agenda for economies, institutions and corporations. Hence, the concept of sustainable packaging is rapidly evolving in packaging industry. The sustainable packaging is the type of packaging which is light weighted and strong in terms of physical properties, easy to recycle and reuse. Globally packaging is estimated to be the inevitable part of manufacturing, logistic and retail sector.   Hence, the sustainable packaging plays a vital role in the long term development. The sustainable packaging is anticipated to be the assembly of environment and sustainability. Globally the growing consumer preferences to the environment friendly products is being used by corporations as a marketing strategy to attract the consumers.

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The major driver for the global sustainable packaging market is the regulations and stringent government legislation which is forcing manufacturers to choose sustainable packaging options over the conventional packaging. The growing consumer preference towards environmental friendly and sustainable products is anticipated to drive the global sustainable packaging market.   Manufactures are using the sustainable packaging as a corporate marketing strategy primarily to differentiate from the rest of the competition. The benefits for manufacturers such as long terms value preposition through lowering the operational cost by recycling and reuse is anticipated to catalyze the demand for sustainable packaging, thus supporting sustainable packaging market. On the other hand the global sustainable packaging market is yet to mark its position in emerging markets where a stringent ecosystem is...