Global Organosolv Lignin Market Research Report - Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2014 - 2021

The organosolv lignins process technologies are at preliminary phase of development, resulting in very low yields, and huge capital expenditure requirements. The lack of mature technology is one of the barriers in the way of lignin development. High-purity lignin can be produced by organosolv technology, which requires high capital investments and has so far not reached for commercialization.

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In this report, we have segmented the global organosolv lignin market by technology, application and geography. Two of the most common organosolv technology/processes are ethanol/water pulping (Alcell process) and pulping with acetic acid (CIMV process). Its applications include ink, varnishes and paint, and few others. Potential applications for organosolv lignin are phenolic resins, phenol derivatives, activated carbon, carbon fibers, vanillin, etc.

By geography, North America is the leading, market in terms of volume and value, followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. MEA is expected to be the fastest growing market for organosolv lignin followed by Asia Pacific and Latin America over the forecast period.

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