Global Land Mobile Radio (Lmr) Systems Market to Ride Digitization Wave

The global land mobile radio (LMR) systems market finds a consistent user base among multiple public works organizations. The list also includes first-responder organizations such as fire departments, police departments, and medical service providers. The global LMR systems market also finds users that incorporate a large network of field staff that works in tandem with vast vehicle fleets.

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Growing Civilian Traffic Boosts Global LMR Systems Market

The 2013 global LMR systems market was dominated by the military applications segment, which held a 17.8% market share. This is steadily reducing as the number of vehicles on the roads increases. The surge in the automotive industry caused by a heightened demand has put pressure on many countries to incorporate better methods for streamlining communications for traffic management. LMR systems offer one of the most successful methods and therefore receive substantial demand from civilian transportation segments. Other application segments of the global LMR systems market, apart from military and transportation, include construction and commercial.

Digital LMR Systems to Overtake Analog Systems by 2020

One of the most prominent trends in the global LMR systems market is the shifting preference of users from analog LMR systems to digital ones. Digital LMR systems offer superior characteristics in terms of battery life and overall efficiency in power consumption. Another advantage that digital LMR systems have over analog systems is the complexity of encryptions involved in it, leading to better security. Digital LMR systems include TETRA, TETRAPOL, Project 25, DMR, and dPMR. Of these, TETRA and Project 25 land mobile radio systems hold the largest market shares due to their enhanced encryption capabilities over the rest. Both these systems can also handle a large number of users...