Global Issues: Water Shortage and Child Mortality

Global issues:
Water shortage and Child Mortality

The world today is more interconnected than is has ever been before. We live in a globalized world, and we talk about a world community. Countries are dependent on each other, mostly through trade, but also through alliances, like NATO. Foreign policies are becoming more and more important, the relationships with the rest of the world is crucial. In our globalized world there are many pressing issues on mankind. Issues that are global, because they affect us all. Issues like war, terrorism, health and the environment are important to all of us, and are not easily solved. Usually one issue affects another issue, thus solving one can often help solving another. In this article I shall focus on two global issues, child mortality and water shortage. I wish to look at the importance of them both, and the connection between the two. Can solving one improve the other?

Water is the most important thing for life on earth. Within a few days without it you would die. Humans are utterly dependent on water, and water shortage is therefore always a pressing issue. With population growth, growth within the economy and urbanisation, the human population is putting more pressure on the world's water reserves. Water shortage is a grave problem for a great part of the world population, and will not cease to be a problem in the nearest future. The Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change(IPCC) have portended that the amount of people under stress from water shortage will double within 2050[1]. 33 per cent of the world population are considered to be under water stress already, and the percentage is likely to increase to 60 per cent within the previously mentioned year. The numbers prove how extremely pressing the issue of water shortage is. It could, in fact, affect more than half of the world's population.

The current situation of water shortage has been named   the “water crisis” by the United Nations[2]. It seems a...