Global Industry Analysis of Aluminium Foil Packaging Market 2023

The aluminium foil roll is resistant to water and many chemical components. Combining materials with the foil makes it opaque and therefore, protects sensitive products from light exposure. The foil also has various benefits, such as being a good oxygen barrier, fine forming properties, and the fact that it can maintain the freshness of the product for a long period. Aluminium is highly attractive and an effective packaging material.

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Aluminium foil packaging can be used to hold, protect, decorate, or dispense a wide range of materials. It is available in thickness ranging from 6 to 200 microns. Its unique properties facilitate its usage for storage, distribution, and marketing of many consumer and industrial products. There are different variants of aluminium foils available in the market such as plain, laminated, lacquered, and printed. Food, beverages, healthcare, and tobacco are the major end markets of the aluminium foil industry. The aluminium foil packaging market is expected to witness a steady stable growth over the forecast period. Increase in both, demand and consumption of consumer goods is expected to drive growth of the market for aluminium foil packaging in the emerging economies. China is expectedAluminium foil packaging Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 – 2023 to account for nearly half of the overall market share in the coming years. The global aluminium foil packaging market is expected to expand within a range of low to moderate CAGR in the coming years.

Projected increase in the demand and consumption of consumer goods in emerging countries, such as China, is expected to drive growth of the aluminium foil packaging market over the forecast period. Rise in the disposable income in developing countries is also favoring growth of the market currently. As the transition from fresh foods to...