Global Free Standing Display Units Market Analysis, Trends, Forecast Up to 2024

Over the last few years, there has been a change in transition in retail business structure from local stores to organized chains such as supermarkets and hypermarkets. The trend is quite prominent in developing regions such as Asia Pacific and Middle East.Change in retail business structure is attributed to changing lifestyle and increasing per capita spending across the world. Furthermore, these organized chains offers new shopping experience to consumers. These retail stores are expected to witness robust growth rate over the forecast period especially in developing regions.   Many international retail stores are active worldwide. As a result, competition has heightened across the globe.

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Shift from Push–to–Pull strategy has been the key challenge for any retail player. Grabbing customer attention, increasing in-store engagement, proper communication are key factors needed to drive higher sales in retail. As such, retailors are adopting various strategies to stand ahead of their peers. As a result, in–store facilities are gaining importance to attract consumers. Free standing display is one such in–store retail facilities that has grabbed key attention among retailers. Free standing display units help in maximizing the impact of a product. These are key component of any marketer or retailers point of sales marketing tool box. Free standing display tools are designed for better product placement, high brand awareness and increased product visibility. Hence free standing display units are highly sought in-house promotional tool, in every consumer goods and industrial goods sales outlet.

Market Dynamics

Globally, retail sector is a vibrant industry which is expected to grow at robust rate over the forecast period. This is attributed to changing macroeconomic scenario coupled with growing middle class population. Moreover, urbanization in emerging...