Global Flat Glass Market Expected to Reach $ 80.7 Billion by 2020 with a Cagr of 6.6%

Global Flat Glass Market Expected To Reach $ 80.7 Billion By
2020 With A CAGR Of 6.6%
Date: 2016-09-18
Flat glass, sheet glass or plate glass is a type of glass, initially produced in plane form,
commonly used for windows, glass doors, transparent walls, and windshields. For modern
architectural and automotive applications, the flat glass is sometimes bent after production of
the plane sheet. Flat glass stands in contrast to container glass (used for bottles, jars, cups)
and glass fiber (used for thermal insulation, in fiberglass composites, and optical
The global Flat Glass market was estimated at USD$ 80.7 billion in 2015, and is anticipated
to reach USD$ 111.1 billion by 2020, expanding at a CAGR of 6.6% between 2016 and 2020.
Flat glass (sheet glass, plate glass or glass pane) comprise all classes of glass produced in flat
form, regardless of any manufacturing methodology used. Flat glasses are used widely in
construction industries such as glass windows, glass doors, and transparent walls in modern
infrastructures. It is also used as windshields in automotive applications. Some of the most
important constituents of flat glass include magnesium oxide, sodium oxide, silica, calcium
oxide, and aluminum oxide.
Asia Pacific is the largest market of flat glass followed by Europe and North America. China
alone covers about 50 per cent of global market share of flat glass. Japan is the second
largest market of flat glass in Asia Pacific. Germany accounts for the largest market of flat
glass in Europe. Asia Pacific region is the fasted growing market of flat glass owing to the
massive urbanization and demand of passenger car from developing countries in this region.
North America, driven by U.S. flat glass market in architectural projects, was valued at over
USD 6.5 billion in 2015. New product expansions and rising preference towards laminated
products should favor regional growth.
Automobile industry in Europe consumed over...