Global Financial Crisis Insurance Markets 2015 Trends, Size, Forecasts

Executive summary

Market Research Store 'Insight Report: Insurance Markets after the Global Financial Crisis' report analyzes the performance of the global insurance industry while dealing with the impact of the global financial crisis, which had a negative impact on the insurance industry, particularly in developed markets. However, the insurance industry in developed markets has finally managed to emerge from crisis, showing progressive signs of growth. In contrast, emerging markets were largely shielded from the impact of the crisis, and recorded robust growth, fueled by rises in disposable income and consumer awareness of the benefits of insurance.

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The report also discusses in detail the growth of the insurance industry in key developed and emerging markets, across all insurance segments, by analyzing key performance indicators. It also identifies growth drivers and studies issues and challenges in detail.


This report analyzes the performance of the insurance industry in both developed and emerging markets during the review period, and also provides their future outlook.
This report provides an insight into industry consolidation and changes in insurers’ investment strategies as a result of the crisis.
This report discusses product and technological innovations by insurers to increase operational efficiency and improve the customer experience.

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Key highlights

• Insurers across the world are making strategic decisions to execute corporate deals, expand into new territory, achieve economies of scale and strengthen distribution channels.
• The global financial crisis adversely affected underwriting profitability in the US and several European countries....