Global Factors and Perspective of the Containerboard Market 2024

Packaging is an integral part for any type of manufacturing industry where safe handling and shipment is a manufacturer’s priority. Hence corrugated boxes or containers are used to safely handle and ship the goods.Containerboard is used to manufacture containers and boxes. Containerboard are widely used because they provide a lightweight, strong, more durable and cost effective solution to the conventional packaging materials. It was estimated that worldwide consumption of containerboard was over 200 billion square meter in 2013.

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Containerboard market is primarily driven by increasing industrial and manufacturing activities. Better transportation and shipment facilities made shipping between two points globally much more convenient and is anticipated to be a major driver in the containerboard market. The improved durability and strength of container boxes primarily due to high quality containerboards is providing manufactures and industries a better alternative. The improved commerce in various sales channels such as e-commerce where e-commerce enterprises primarily focus on safety and aesthetics of the packaging are anticipated drive the containerboard market where corrugated boxes or containers are used.   The growing demand for lightweight and innovative packaging is also driving the global containerboard market. Eco-friendly and recyclable product specification obtained due to containerboard are forcing manufacturers and industries to use corrugated boxes. On the other hand increasing use of plastic is restraining the global demand of containerboard industry. Increasing raw material cost as well as processing cost are considered to be the major restraints in global containerboard market.

The opportunity for global containerboard market lies in introducing innovative solutions to the packaging industry. Strong, light weight and cost effective containerboards...