Global Embedded System Market Is Expected to Reach Usd 233.13 Billion in 2021

An embedded system is a combination of software and hardware which together facilitate the accurate functioning of a target device. The significant characteristics of an embedded system are speed, power, size, accuracy, reliability and adaptability. Embedded systems can be defined as application-specific, special purpose systems and they are designed typically for meeting real time constraints. These systems are used across a diverse range of application areas which include automotive, space, aeronautics, rail, electronic payment solutions, and mobile communication among others. The global embedded system market has been segmented on the basis of functionality, microcontroller, applications and geography. A cross sectional study of the global embedded system market broadly across four geographical segments has also been covered under the scope of the study.

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Many factors, such as increasing application of embedded systems in the automobile industry, increasing demand for embedded systems with multi-core technologies and embedded graphics are driving the growth of embedded systems market. Moreover, increasing demand for smarter and power efficient electronic devices has significantly increased the demand for the embedded systems over the last decade. Since embedded systems are core of smart products, increasing demand for these devices has been resulting in growing penetration of embedded hardware and software. Growing demand for multimedia products and portable computing devices is boosting the growth of the global embedded system market. In addition, the healthy economic growth of emerging markets such as those in the Taiwan, China, and India is also fueling the growth of latest technologies, which is in turn, driving the demand for embedded systems. The conjoint effect of all these trends and drivers is thus set to boost the growth of the global...