Global Electronic Paper Screen in Education Sector Market Size, Analysis 2019: Radiant Insights

Market outlook of the electronic paper screen in education sector
Electronic paper display or e-paper display is a portable, reusable electronic display medium, which has paper-like properties such as wide viewing angle, high flexibility, and no backlight. With new developments in e-paper displays such as increasing flexibility and ability to display all colours, the demand for e-paper displays is expected to surge in the future. Technologies that are being used in e-paper displays are electrowetting, electrofluidic, electrochromic, and interferometric modulators, with electrophoretic e-paper display being widely implemented by the education industry.

The global electronic paper screen in education sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of close to 17% during the forecast period, signifying healthy demand. Electronic paper screen also facilitates low energy consumption as they do not need frequent charges while providing good image quality. This improves the device battery life, which is crucial, given that most institutions use this technology on account of increasing digitization of the content.

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Segmentation by application and analysis of - rigid electronic paper screen and flexible electronic paper screen

In terms of application, the rigid electronic paper screen segment accounted for a major share of the revenue in the overall electronic paper screen in education sector market, with a market share of over 63% in 2014. The increasing popularity of reading and learning through online courses among students is one of the major factors contributing to the growth of this market.

This report offers an analysis of each of the following segments and discusses its impact on the overall market growth -
Rigid electronic paper screen
Flexible electronic paper screen
Geographical segmentation and analysis of - North America,...