Global Cloud Storage Gateway Market Driven by Cost Benefits to Consumers

Cloud storage gateway (CSG) systems are used for a smooth transition of data between the on-premise generation of data and its transfer to cloud servers. Thanks to the steady increase in the amount of data generated in the global IT sector, connectivity between the same and cloud servers has become crucial. The need to ensure security of the transferred data as well as the accuracy of duplication during the transfer has also boosted the growth prospects of the global cloud storage gateway market, which offers specialized services dealing with those very issues.

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Cost Benefits of Cloud Services Helping Global Cloud Storage Gateway Market

Due to the rise of the interconnected virtual world, the amount of data generated during regular IT operations has steadily increased over the past few years. This raises the need for a secure storage facility, which has been met by cloud services.

Cloud storage offers IT enterprises a way to delegate one of their most cost-intensive operations: data storage and management. The high costs of on-premise data storage have boosted the demand for cloud services. Cloud storage gateway, which safeguards the data from cyber attacks and data corruption, helps make the process more efficient.

Private-Public Partnerships in Cloud Storage Gateway Development Helping Global Market

On the basis of deployment models, cloud storage gateways are segmented into private deployment, public deployment, and hybrid CSG. Hybrid cloud, which comprises a partnership between private and public agencies, is more profitable for market players and is thus rising in prominence in the global cloud storage gateway market.

Another trend likely to dominate the competitive landscape of the cloud storage gateway market in the coming years is that of partnerships between cloud storage suppliers and data security firms,...