Glass Menagerie

“The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams

1. The symbolism between the glass and Laura are related because they are both fragile and transparent. Laura has social anxiety and had or does have braces on her legs. Laura lives the life of illusion that her mother feed into, as opposed to the reality that she is becoming an unmarried woman with no possible suitors attempting to date her. She is a product of her mother’s fantasy of the suitable man waiting to call on her. She is relatable to the glass because she is emotionally like glass as well as her menagerie can. In the beginning of the story, the unicorn represents Laura, like her, it is delicate and fragile but once Jim O’ Conner breaks off the horn it then just becomes a horse like any other.

2. The main symbolisms in the play are the movies, the paradise music hall, the fire escape and Laura’s leg braces. The movies represent the absent father that abandoned them to drink and go into the merchant marines. This is where the mother Amanda feels she is going to loose her only son. Because once he is full frustrated with is mothers nagging he leaves there apartment and says he is going to the movies. The paradise music hall is where Laura’s fantasy’s come from. When you see Laura, you hear the music coming from the dance hall across the street. The fire escape is the main place Amanda and her kids go to look at the moon and fanaticize about other places and getting out of there little apartment. Laura’s leg brace represents her transparency, how no men see her and the anxiety disorder supersedes her need to be a wallflower keeping her back and away from others.

3. The high point or the climax of the glass menageries when Jim and Laura were having a mock date and Laura was gaining some confidence in her self because Jim was showing an interest in her. They shared a kiss and then Jim came back to reality and remembered he had a girlfriend. He broke Laura’s heart when he told her this and accidentally...