Have you every wandered what it took to execute to ideals of being a perfect woman. It’s not like you can walk outside and just see one every day. To become the perfect woman you must establish yourself as a young lady, contain character virtues and be confident in yourself. I believe that it takes a lot of effort to being the perfect An example of the ideal woman is displayed in the short story girl.
There are many women on this earth who are great role models to young girls. Do you think they have been women all their lives? No, they started out as young girls. Being a young girl sounds hard but it’s actually easy. Many start by listening to their moms and showing lady like behavior. After taking a few years to practice and develop these principle, you are well on the path of becoming a young lady.
A great way of displaying lady like behavior would be to great character attributes. Some attributes include responsibility, trustworthy, diligent, etc. These are the tools to apply in training. With them you can establish yourself as a woman. Someone who has great character virtues would be Hillary Clinton. Notice how she is always dresses for the occasion, and how she speaks on camera. She treats herself with the upmost respect, and also shows a great example on how to be confident in yourself.
Believing in yourself is the last step of becoming a woman. If you don’t believe in yourself people will look down on you. By just being yourself and practicing what you are good at, confidence will come. Take Danica Patrick for example, she races indy cars. I bet people tell her race car driving is a sport on for men all the time. But she is confident and believes in herself, thus making her a woman. Confidence is everything so if you don’t have confidence in yourself then who will.
In conclusion I agree that a woman can only be defined by three things, being a young woman, having great character attributes, and believing in yourself. Don’t be in a rush take the time to...