Kruti Gandhi
12- 3- 10
Period 3
Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
Ghirardelli Chocolate! You can drink it and eat it! This chocolate is unique, amazing, rich, creamy, yet with a very delightful taste. Ghirardelli Chocolate has the best chocolate beverages and chocolate squares, but mostly the “Sweet Ground Chocolate”.
The origins of Ghirardelli are that it came from a family and their business is located in San Francisco, California. The company was owned by Domenico himself. It was found in 1852 by Domenico (Domingo) Ghirardelli who was born it Rapallo, Italy. He is the son of Giuseppe Ghirardelli and his company was incorporated on June 18, 1852. This is still in operation ever since then. He started working at Romanengo’s Chocolate shop.
When Domenico was in Italy, he met with a cabinet maker whose name was James Lick. When it was 1897, James came to San Francisco and was carrying about 600 pounds of Ghirardelli Chocolate to sell. When James reached to San Francisco he wrote a letter to Domineco saying that the chocolate was very successful in the market. When Domineco read this letter he decided to move to San Francisco and start his own business on June 18, 1852. Between the years 1852 and the years 1895 this company was placed in 4 different places in San Francisco. When he began his business, his first product was called, “Sweet Ground Chocolate”. This was made by combining unsweetened chocolate, cocoa powder, sugar and vanilla. Sweet Gound Chocolate was used as a hot chocolate mixture and as a baking ingredient.
The Ghirardelli Chocolate company is very unique and it stands out among other chocolate companies. This company was the second oldest chocolate company in the country of USA. Ghirardelli has built 3 different channels one is branded division, which controls premium baking chocolate, and hot chocolate. Another is industrial division controls supplies for baking ingredients and dairy. Third is the retail division, which sells gifts in the...