Mahatma Gandhi
What really is a hero? We all have different perceptions to what it actually is and we all have different heroes. To me a hero is someone who is persistent and a good soul. When we think literally of heroes we usually think superpowers, spandex tights and flowing capes but when in reality it is someone average doing the right thing endlessly. A hero is someone determined to do good, no matter the costs, they are persistent. A hero is selfless even in situations are detrimental to them and put their own life at risk. A hero is a leader a role model to others, calm, peaceful and courageous in the face of danger all for the sake of duty. My hero is Mahatma Gandhi and he displays all of the hero attributes determination for the good, selflessness and being a courageous leader.
Determination is a quality that a hero must possess, determination and persistence is the key to success. Heroes are determined to do what is right for their family, friends, community and others in general. They are determined to follow through with their attributes and goals they have set for themselves. “In March of 1930, Gandhi wrote to the British viceroy, or governor, stating his intention to lead a salt march. So on March 12, Gandhi and 75 followers set out on the march.” He stuck to his word and did lead and walk the salt march. “But days passed and no soldiers showed up. The viceroy had decided not to make an arrest, because he thought that the march would simply peter out and die. He was wrong. The Salt March soon became world news.” Gandhi was a hero who never gave up easily or had gotten discouraged by the slightest of cruel; he was actually arrested multiple times but still focused on his long term goal. Determination to set and reach goals is a key element in earning the credit of being a “hero”, and is a quality Mahatma Gandhi possesses.
An important trait a leader should possess is the ability to put someone else well-being before your own even in the face of...