This is an essay about Mohandas Gandhi; his childhood, education, and about
the things he has done for India. One of the great things he has done, no
one else has done before. Gandhi was a man that lived for his country, the
people, and for his religion; Hinduism. Hinduism today has 13% of the human
population following, and is one of the so called dominant religions in
India, Nepal, and in Sri Lanka. Gandhi is often called Mahatma Gandhi which
means great or big soul; he cared about people and wanted things to be solved
without violence. Gandhi wanted to make peace between the Muslims and the
Hindus. It came to a point where Gandhi had the idea to start fasting every
single time that they started fighting again. His idea worked. And they stopped
fighting but just for a while because not long after that, they started fighting
again so Gandhi fasted again. Gandhi was put in prison four times. In 1883
Gandhi got married to Kasturbai (his only marriage). They had four sons
together; Harilal(1888-1948), Manilal (1892-1956), Ramdas (1897-1969), and
Devdas (1900-1957). They all got married and all had children. In total, Gandhi
and his wife Kasturbai had thirteen grandchildren. Many people thought that
Gandhi had great ideas. But like any other story, some didn’t.   Gandhi however,
does have some kind of a mystery to him like the fact that he actually had set
of false teeth folded in some loin cloth. He only put them in when he was
eating. When he was done, he washed them, and put them back into the cloth.
Gandhi was not happy despiting the fact that he made world peace. He was
worried about the poor so he put the rest of his life and money into trying to
get people out of poverty.

Mohandas Gandhi was born in   Porbandar,   at the west coast of India, October 2,
1869. Gandhi and his family moved to Rajkot when he was only seven years
old. He was the youngest out of the four. Gandhi was a Hindu so there was no
way he would be...