Getting Boys to Read

Ideas for Getting Boys into Reading
I tell the boys that reading is a skill that they learn much like learning how to ride a bike. The more they practice reading, the better they will get. A lecturer of mine told us that “if all a child will read is the back of a cereal box, praise them reading it and encourage them to read the back of a different brand or cereal.” Any reading your child is doing is reinforcing and developing the skill of reading.   Many boys will only be interested in magazines or cartoons.   This is fine. While they are reading these mediums, they are in fact developing their reading ability. Below is an extract from James Maloney’s website: Ideas for getting Boys into Reading.


A good book for a boy is one he wants to read.
Boys enjoy action, funny and gross stories and books in which they can identify with.
Recognise the difference between books for reading TO boys and books read BY boys.
Encourage your sons to read what they enjoy reading.
Try to make time to read “quality” books TO your son.

What boys DO like - a brave appraisal
It is a mistake to believe that boys in general and reluctant readers in particular, do not like fiction. It is often the type of fiction presented to them that is the source of their rejection. On the whole, boys enjoy books which place action ahead of emotion and where what the characters do is more important that what the characters think or feel. Hence, the apparent preference for the action novel.
* Boys tend to like books, which match their image of themselves. They want to be able to identify themselves and what they would like to be and do.
* Boys love to have fun so they want books that are fun, that make them laugh and appeal to their sense of madcap mayhem. This is all tied up with their image of the quintessential boy and as much as boyishness can be defined and distilled, they love to find it in the books they...