Geothermal Heat Pumps

What would you say if I told you I know of a way for you to save half of what you spend monthly on your utility bill?   Would you be interested in hearing what I had to say? I am going to tell you about geothermal heat pumps, this is what will save you so much money each year.
Geothermal energy has been used for many years it has been used in the hot springs it is also used to produce electricity without the negative effects.
Having a Geothermal Heat Pump is a really good way to cut down on your utility expenses.   Since a Geothermal is an earth loop which uses the ground temperature to heat and cool your house compared to using the air temperature, in which cuts your utilities in half since your ground temperature is always 56 degrees compared to using the average 100 degree outside weather temperature with your tradition heat pump.
There are many different types of loops for example, you have your horizontal loop which consists of 250 foot trenches which contains 500 feet of pipe per ton tied into a manifold. Another loop would be Vertical loop which consists of 150 foot wells which contains 300 feet of pipe per ton tied into a manifold. Vertical loops are used when you have smaller areas to work in as they cost a little more.   Pond loop is the next type of loop we are going to discuss. A pond loop consists of 300 foot coils per ton which is submersed in a pond but you need at least minimum of six feet of water and quarter acre of water per ton, in my opinion these are the most efficient and cost effective.   This is a picture of a pond pump being sunk. These three types of loops are all closed loops and are economically friendly, because there is no pollution source, unlike all your natural gas heat pumps.
The basics of a Geothermal heat pump is that water circulates thru thousands of feet in a closed loop system thru the ground using the earth’s natural temperature to heat and cool your house. There are other areas in which a Geothermal is better than your...