George’s Best Quality Is His Patience. Discuss.

“George’s best quality is his patience. Discuss.”

Some people would argue that in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, George, one of the main characters best quality is his patience, but many other people believe his best quality is his kindness. George shows that even is harsh conditions on the ranch, and looking after Lennie, that it is important to stay a kind hearted person and is always putting others in before himself.

George promised Lennie’s Aunt Klara that he would look after Lennie after she died. George acted as the father figure to Lennie the whole time they were together because Lennie has a mental disability and needed extra care. George never tried to shatter Lennie’s dreams of tending to the rabbits, even though he knew deep down that they would never be accomplished. He would always make sure that he told Lennie stories about when they would have a farm of their own, so he could give Lennie the hope that he needed, and also give himself a little bit of hope.

Lennie had a big dream that one day, George and himself would own their own farm and Lennie would tend to the rabbits. George somehow knew that this would never happen but it did give him a glimmer of hope. In chapter 3 of the book, Candy offers to give George and Lennie three hundred and fifty dollars of his own money, to buy a real farm that they can all live in. George did not have to accept the offer, but he did. George letting Candy in on their dream shows how much of a kind person he really is.

In the last chapter of the book, Lennie accidentally kills Curley’s Wife by breaking her neck after patting her soft and ‘purty’ hair. When she started to scream, Lennie was frightened and did not know any better. When Curley was aware of what Lennie did, he sent everyone out to try to find Lennie so they could give him a long, slow and painful death. George decided to shoot Lennie himself, so they he could not feel it. He did it in a calm environment where Lennie was not scared....