George W Bush Notes

‘The first casualty in war is the truth’
Evaluate how this statement is true in the differing representations of truth in

The truth will be fabricated in order for George W. Bush’ authority
In order for his arguments to be valid, George must position the situation to meet the standards of America, even if he’s hyperbolizing the situation.
The government meets people in vulnerability and lists them in actions.

Text 1 He was meeting the people in vulnerable state- exceeds the basis of freedom, and states it in an American perspective) He was appealing to America as a whole and provided direct actions. Refer to how George bush refers to mass destruction, but it is later revealed that Iraq had no mass destruction. The hyperbolized state engraved in the people a sense of fear.

Bush strategically employs the use of inclusive language to demonstrate partnership, where the phrase “our nations enters this conflict reluctantly, yet our purpose is sure”, establishing a sense of security, for American citizens.

Text 2- opinion piece – bias (that’s one version of the truth) all three texts in themselves encompass how truth is fabricated by authorities to influence people to think a certain way… ironically there is an inherit bias in all 3 texts, as literature is fundamentally subjective.

“Whether or not you could fool people you could scare them out of their wits…” – you may not be able to fool everybody, but you created a nature of fear. The campaign was diabolical

The “need to sell public on the war” is a phrase to discuss (paragraph 3)- understand the notion of the text… truth is always sacrificed in war
He says “comprehensive, sophisticated and misleading campaign”… weird because they’re nice words

Discuss the use of the phrase “Sell the public” implying that we as people can be something that is sold, which is degrading for us. He talks about propaganda to lead the people to the public “it was a propaganda tool to lead the public” where there is...