Geography Exam Questions

Geography Human Exam Questions
Outline the social and economic factors responsible for the recent growth in tourism. (9 marks)
Both social and economic factors have influenced the growth in tourism significantly. An increase in the average number of paid holidays in the UK has been based as 28 days due to membership in the EU entitling workers to a minimum of 4 weeks with out a salary sacrifice. Thus in turn giving them more time to travel and more leisure time.
The expansion of international budget airlines such as JetBlue Airways, GoAir and Flybe are strong economic factors to the growth as due to flights being cheaper more people can afford to fly abroad as in 2003 there was an increase of 18.6% in passengers causing a growth in international tourism.
Also, the factor of international migration from previous tourism to an area such as Orlando, Florida has led to further toursim growth as family and friends visit with cheaper flights to holiday more frequently and easily.
Changes in communication and technologies have made it easier to stay in contact with home and work so more people will go away because they can keep up to date with important news whilst away. ATM's have made money transactions easier so if you run out of cash whilst on holiday you can use an ATM.
Through advertisements on TV, newspapers, Internet and radio, international places are promoted and more people are aware and want to go there as there is an increase in people's desire to explore new places and cultures.
My final point is business travel having a huge impact on growth in tourism as economic globalisation has expanded business connections and a lot more people travel for conferences and meetings, leading to growth in business tourism and personal tourism as they may return with families for future vacations.
Identify and explain two recent changes in the types of global tourism. (6 marks)
Business tourism has increased in the recent years as multinational companies hold...