Generational Gap

          Sometimes, I sit and wonder why living habits, trends and living standards never change. I live in a world where there is more technology and freedom than my parents had during their young adulthood. As times change, generations too change and this leads to a generational gap. A generational gap is the age gap between people belonging to two different generations. This is my own definition of generational gap.
          My parents and I are very different from each other and I realised it was because of the generational gap. My mother always thought she was perfect. She always talks to me about when she was young. She tells me of how she started cooking at the age of six and how smart and clever she had been. She also talked about my grandfather who was the king in her home town and how she misses the “royal tradition”. Her father died when she was young, so she didn’t get the chance to complete her education. She couldn’t go to university. My mother loves to bake and cook. She is in the catering business. Anytime she is mad at me, she talks about her past and I say, “I have heard enough of your story, mum. We are no longer in your generation”. At that point, she would not talk to me about it again. My mum cares about me, but sometimes, in the process of caring she annoys me a lot.
        It so happened that my friend came to my house one day and after we had socialized for a while, we decided to go shopping. Now, my mum hates it when you take public transport anywhere we want to go to. After I told her that my friends and I were going shopping, she said,”And how are you going to get to the shopping mall, young lady?” “The bus”, I replied. “No way, it’s either go with you or forget it” “Here we go again,” I said, “Alright”. She got dressed and took us to the shopping mall. Actually, I am short and love wearing shoes with heels a lot. When we got to the shoe section in the mall, I saw a sparkling red wedge and it was my size, so I...