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Health Care Information Systems Terms

Define the following terms. Your definitions must be in your own words; do not copy them from the textbook.

After you define each term, describe in 40 to 60 words the health care setting in which each term would be applied. Include at least two research sources to support your position—one from the University Library and the other from the textbook. Cite your sources in the References section consistent with APA guidelines.

|Term                                       |Definition                                 |How It Is Used in Health Care               |
|Health Insurance Portability and           |The health insurance portability and       |HIPAA is used in health care by protecting |
|Accountability Act                         |accountability act is a law to protect all |patients and family information from being |
|                                           |healthcare information and the is known as |released to anyone without having consent   |
|                                           |HIPAA.                                     |from the patient or the responsible party   |
|                                           |                                           |of the patient. Usually a form is given out|
|                                           |                                           |during the first visit explaining what the |
|                                           |                                           |HIPAA is and how it protects their         |
|                                           |                                           |information.                               |
|Electronic medical record                   |An electronic   medical record is an         |An electronic medical record (EMR) is used |
|                                           |electronic record within the healthcare     |in the healthcare organizations in a way of|