While browsing for a topic for this project, something caught my attention: I read the more than 60% of all communication is done trough non- verbal communication (body language).This is how I became   interested and invested in writing about this. It had never dwelled on me that body language played such a significant part in our communication. I never really paid any attention to my own body language or someone else’s and what it meant. I never thought it was something I should have to paid attention to. But for something that plays such a big role in our communication I needed to know more about.
      I more a read about the more I thought it was important to try to understanding body language, as it has such a great impact in our communication with the outside world.   I also thought that what learned would be practical use in my daily life. In the project I wanted to explore what is body language, how it affects us and our perception of others, how does it impact how others perceive us, how it differs from place to place and the role and importance it plays in our lives.   Body language is as extensive topic with hurdles of information on what each movement means that’s why this project is more focused on how it can impact our lives, personal relationships, business and even politics.


      Body language and the importance of its understanding

      Our interaction with the outside world requires communication of information and emotions. What we often overlook is that feelings and emotions are always on display through our body language. Voluntary or involuntary we do the majority of our communication trough non-verbal communication.
      Allan Paese refers to body language in his book The Definitive Book of Body Language as “an outward reflection of a person's emotional condition.” Most of us are unaware of what where communicating with our body language and are equally unaware in understanding of the body...