The ancient Greece society in the Odyssey men dominated was the main factor in society. The women occupied a subservient position.   Unlike the medieval Christian era in Dante inferno where adultery and fornication is the most exclusively in Christian text .The women were portrayed as destructive and yet   powerful.
The sort of masculine society in both the Odyssey and Dante’s Inferno the main themes here men were interested in war, empowerment and warrior. The women were not allowed to participate in actives other than domestic affairs.
The epic of both these poems are the direct result of the society and environment during that era. Looking at both these era the women in the Odyssey was submissive they were seen as the beautiful and nurturing.   In contrasts the women in Dante’s Inferno although beautiful were seen as sexual beings which was a sin. Hence they were placed in hell because of their sexual behavior, sexual wrongdoings by women during those periods given the culture where the Christianity was the law gives great prominence to women.
The women in Odyssey contribute greatly to the development of the story: Arete, the wise queen Odyssey’s mother die of a broken heart, Circe and Calypso the goddess show confidence and intelligence when it was necessary though there helping Ulysses on his journey.   The very wise and long suffering Penelope was devoted, faithful and loving wife and mother. In Penelope it shows what was expected of Greek wives during that era. This was a time of war husband were gone for years wives were expected take care of family and be devoted and faithful Penelope was the perfect of a Greek wife. These women were very intelligent, sophistication, independence and wise. Their virtues and courage granted limited were impressive in the competitive and war of the male dominated world. Family loyalty and devotion are some of the moral lessons that make this epic a human genre.
The women in Dante’s Inferno had freedom there was...