Gender Roles

After reading the three articles and watching a numerous amounts of movie trailers and commercials, I would have to disagree with the Deborah Tannen reading. In her article, There is No UnMarked Women, she goes on to explain how all women no matter what go out there way to look different; while men don’t really   need to put that type of effort in. After evaluating different sources this fact is untrue, there is in fact a marker for women. If you carefully pay attention to the modern Hollywood women you will find many similarities, each women has to be tall, thin, long volumized hair, and young. To me if you meet an of these standards you can be considered as a marked women, this is also including behavior. In both the Tannen article thand in the Jennings article, The American Dream, they each talk about how both genders go out of their way to prove that they are male or women enough. In an M&M commercial, they had this young lady completing a series of task, each task fit into the stereotype of what women should be doing. They had her doing things like, shopping, cooking, cleaning, chilling with friends, etc, each while with a piece of chocolate. Question, why couldn’t they have her do other things like barbequing, or riding a skateboard, or walking around downtown?   Maybe cause they wanted something familiar, things that would lure in the customers because it would have be something they could relate to. So commercials and movies make sure that they have some sort of marked character so that men and women can easily identify with the product, and have set in their mind this is a way one should act.