Gender Identity Disorder Reflection Paper

Child Gender Identity Disorder
“Reflection Paper”

In this paper I aim to directly reflect upon an article I read recently on child gender identity disorder. I will be focusing on two radically dissimilar approaches between two Psychologists currently specializing in gender identity. The article I am basing this paper of is titled Two Families Grapple with Sons' Gender Preferences. A podcast dictated by Alix Spiegel with NPR in May 2008 the article compares two boys of the same age living on different coasts of the U.S.   Both of these boys struggled with the belief that they have been born into the wrong body.   These two boys are convinced by all means they are actually girls.   This is widely known as “Gender Identity Disorder”. I will discuss my feelings and consider which approach I agree with and share my reasoning. Dr.Zuccer and Dr.Erensaft both agree on which attitudes, and behaviors classify gender identity disorder in children and both share in the belief that all children are developmentally flexible at this age. Interestingly this point is exactly where the two differ.
Dr Zuccer, a psychologist from Toronto who happens to be considered a world expert in his field, has spent the past 30 years dealing with children and gender identity issues. His approach of treatment happens to be more prevalent among psychologist today. Further demonstrated by the steady increase in referrals his clinic receives.   Dr. Zuccer believes that in treating children less than 10 years of age by reforming the daily life of the child and family. He is adamant about rectification of these “dangerous” behaviors and states by no means should we embrace them casually.   He convinces the parents that it is imperative in order to spare these children from social torment and future burden of living a life as the opposite gender.   Parents are instructed to remove all that does not constitute societies definition of gender appropriate roles by policing their toys, and daily...