Gen 200

To work together effectively as a team, and accomplish a given task can be very satisfying, but very challenging at the same time. Each member of this team needs to know all of the team’s personality traits and learning styles in order to understand each team member’s opinions. By knowing each team member’s qualities will allow the group to develop a strategy to communicate in an effective way, and come-together with other member’s in the group.
After finishing the Multiple Pathways to Learning and the Personality Spectrum assessments, I found that my learning style is that of an Intrapersonal person and my personality type is dominant as a Giver. This information is very important as a student because I can use this information to make the most of my study habits while continuing my education. Also, to know what works best as a student, it is in the same way important to be conscious of the other learning styles and personality types so I can work well with other students.  
In addition to the Intrapersonal style of learning that I am dominant in, there are some other learning styles that may make up a group.   These styles of learning include Visual-Spatial, Verbal-Linguistic, and Logical-Mathematical ways of learning. An individual like myself dominant in the Intrapersonal style of learning are able to cooperate well within a group, are able to see things from others view’s, and communicate both verbally and non verbally to get his or her point across (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits 2007). Also, because I cooperate well in a group, and communicate effectively, it would be easy for me to collaborate with these individuals, discuss his or her opinion on the subject matter, and work together with them to complete the task. I would communicate in a friendly way to inspire a team effort. Another learning style pointed out by Carter, Bishop, & Kravits (2007), is the Verbal-Linguistic style of learning.   Individuals dominant in this type of learning are able to remember...