Gen 200 Week 4 Dq 2

Problem-solving steps | My school decision experience | Rationale |
Identify and select the problem | I need to finish out bachelors degree in business. | I have two associate degrees but they seem to be less than what is needed in today’s working world. |
Analyze the problem |  How will I pay for pay and have time for it.  I need it to be done in as little time as possible and yet within my schedule. | Start looking at online schools with the appropriate course of study I am targeting. |
Generate possible solutions |  Solicit various online schools that cater to those with a military background and previous college. |  Four universities responded: AIU, Kaplan, UOC, and UOP.  |
Evaluate solutions |  All Universities provided a military discount and all met or exceeded needed courses.  All were full service being regionally accredited and accept prior college credits. |  All met criteria, now the time and true cost were going to be the mitigating factor to weed out three of the candidates. |
Put  the solution to work |  Spoke with each college and had them give sales pitch as to evaluate the pros and cons of each university.  |  I will breakdown the information by offered degree and itemize the dollar cost, time frame, and class load for comparable degree. |
Evaluate the solution |  All universities are similar but established I just needed basic course to achieve desired degree. | Kaplan and AIC disqualified on cost/time factor. UOC was more reasonable per class but heavier course load.  UOP higher cost per class, lighter class load and lower class requirement. |
Apply what you learned | UOP met top two of three requirements for BA. |  Time overall was the most important consideration and cost was secondary so enrolled with UOP. |