Gen 200 Week 1

Teamwork is amazing; it creates camaraderie, strong ethics, diverse ideas, and most of the time excellent solutions to real life problems.   Teamwork is the foundation to a greater organization, ideas and solutions created by teams develop into prototypes, procedures, technologies and others that benefit and translate into gains and that can define a company and or group.   Needless to say teamwork is essential for all operations within an organization.  

Verbal/linguistic learning capabilities in an individual are essential; communication between a team usually involves verbal interchange of information.   The ability to express freely with the team can lead to honest feedback that can only refine the end product.   Communicating an idea, solution or a potential risk is a mayor asset to the team.   During the learning process is very important to be logical as well.   We need to understand that a diverse group has different ideas and points of view.   Effective communication between these learning styles can be achieved though respect and understanding, a set of rules will maintain order and focus on the bigger picture rather than a single idea or solution.  

Understanding each other is very important; we must understand how people of different backgrounds learn in different ways.   Effective communication can be reached through equal opportunity and unbiased environment.   Understanding important ideas without restrictions can contribute to a clear solution to the project.

As with learning, personalities of each member have an impact on the team as a whole.   Several personalities must be involved in the team in order to maintain order.   A team must be organized, it is essential for a team to maintain an organized structure, chain of command and a structured schedule that must be followed at all times.   Organization helps maintain order in tasks as well as keeping the main focus present and clear.   Having well organized personalities as part of the team is very...