Gay Marriage

Eshraga Ulsunni
English Composition 110
Professor Campbell
Compare and Contrast paper

Gay marriage vs. Straight marriage

            Homosexuality is more widely accepted today than it was several years ago, but some people still discriminate against them in many areas. Not all of America has adopted the idea that homosexuality is okay and even normal. People have to understand that there is only one happiness in this life is to love and be loved. Being in love to take care of, and grow old with someone should be the only required to create a marriage contract. In comparing straight and gay marriage there are many similarities and problems the government recognize marriage contract as a basic union of two people with a mutual agreement to care for and provide support in a life-long commitment. I will compare the medical benefits, and decisions on raising children, and the influence on sociality.

            There are many similarities between Straight marriage and same sex marriage, but how they are viewed and treated are very different. The only actual difference between the two is that same sex marriage is between two people of the same sex, An obvious benefit is that a married couple can have is the right to medical decisions and hospital visits. If a man’s wife is ill and she is in the hospital he husband has the right to talk to the doctors about her condition, and also has the right to stay there with her. Another right he has is that he can make medical decisions for her if she couldn’t talk or in a bad condition. These benefits also apply to gay couples.

        Children are very important in our lives, without them there won’t be that much of a love, and fun.   Any marriage will have an influence on children and people, just like any divorce would have an effect on how they view it. How a child view marriage or anything else in life it depends on how the child raised and how well their parents educated them. If a child is raised in a...