GATTACA Essay: is perfection possible?
Everybody dreams of a perfect society, yet do we really know the consequences of such an event? Such ramifications are portrayed in the movie “GATTACA,” where children are ordered and their every aspect chosen before birth. What we call natural births today are now called, god child and, invalid. These invalid are the scum of the street, no matter the physical ability or brain capacity. Seeing this kind of lifestyle firsthand, Vincent is determined to defy fate.
Scientists in the world of GATTACA can make the perfect individual, but only from what the biological parents have to offer. With the donated X and Y chromosomes they can sift through desired traits and choose what they think best fits them. Although, there are many problems with this type of genetic manipulation. For example, even though scientists can predict the genetic likelihood of a heart attack, they cannot predict the apocalypse or the next ice age. If such an event were to happen, humans would have no genetic variations to adapt to the environment because all men and women would have similar genes.
Other than mans lack of evolution, there are many other disadvantages to having a “perfect population.” As stated earlier, physicians can easily guess an individual’s time of death and cause for such an event. Because of their accuracy, people are not expected strive past their so called potential. On the other hand, doctors in GATTACA have a small tendency to also overestimate people because of their genetic makeup. Such is the case in Jerome Morrow, when they predicted that he would be a relentless swim star. What they did not account for was Jerome’s lack of confidence; causing him to break his back.
All these reasons contribute to my belief that the human nature is as perfect as it will ever get. Today, genetic mutation is not far from our grasps and in some cases; we have a feel of the future. Although, as it stands today, human individuals have the...