Gary Alfrich

Columnist Gary Aldrich
In today's society, public writers tend to put more energy into writing what's "popular", or gets the most "buzz" rather than writing the truth.   In the same way, hidden throughout most of the US Government , corruption and deceit cover up the real issues at hand.   Gary Aldrich - an ex-FBI agent - is "dedicated to promoting constitutional rights," and "ethical dissent" (Cuba Libre), and writes to reveal the truth and defend those who are unable to defend themselves.   Aldrich has a right wing political standpoint, but has no racial or otherwise discriminating bias'.
In one particular column, Aldrich is pointing out "nonsensical policies" (Ohio Rifles Stand as Symbols) and essentially has the reader prove his point for him.   He guides the reader through several short paragraphs, each defined by a direct, logical question.
"What causes some otherwise rational people to go off the deep end with nonsensical policies that are obviously selectively enforced? Some suggest that recent school shootings have brought new attention to the age-old problem of violence, especially when it involves firearms on campus.
But, if they are really concerned about violence, how do gun-control fundamentalists reconcile the fact that most major university campuses are rife with violent acts being committed against female students, but so little is done about it?
Put another way: Do you have to die in order to get any attention from campus do-gooders?
Why do gun-control fundamentalists use their passion fighting conservatives who only want to protect their First and Second Amendment rights, but find little time to make sure coeds are not raped or assaulted on campus? It's a sad and well-known fact that women make easy targets for sexual attacks by violent predators simply because they usually cannot protect themselves.
What does the average sexual predator know about college campuses? First, there is only a token police presence to protect...