Garden of Eden Annotation by Ernest Hemingway

Annotation on:   Garden of Eden
By:   Ernest Hemingway
Subject:   The stories deeper meaning.
Date:   April 15th 2015
By:   HJ Taylor

I had intended on writing an annotation on first lines of stories and novels, and how they relate to success or plot.   Then I decided to do a similar idea comparing three Hemingway novels, “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, “The Old man and the Sea”, and “Garden of Eden”.   Finally, because the last novel affected me so weirdly, I decided to dissect the secondary story behind the exterior one of "Garden of Eden", the likely quite kinky plot of the 40s-60ss when he wrote it.   GOE wasn’t published until 1986, after his death, when his last wife brought the manuscript and a bunch of other finished and unfinished writings to his editor in a garbage bag.   It was also said that one of Hemingway’s wives left one of his manuscripts or a collection of them in a briefcase on a train never to have been found.   A similar plot twist is in Eden.   In fact, a lot about his life, I think, is in this incredibly odd story.   I realize this isn’t a very precise critique or examination in true storytelling and more of my perception of a great author’s intent, but I think my ideas might be interesting whether you have read this work before or not.   If not, I apologize and will examine one of my original ideas above next time, or something entirely different and literary acceptable next time.

A rich beautiful woman named Katherine who has always gotten what she wants and a little bit crazy marries the great looking up and coming writer who is obsessive compulsive.   Perfect right?   Or a complete disaster?
In this story of a newlywed couple living a life of leisure in Europe, living in bliss on permanent holiday, a perfect beginning turns into an ugly end.   They make love and drink.   Drinking becomes more and starts earlier.   He returns to writing.   She acts out, first wanting to become a boy, then to become bisexual.   Then she does the unthinkable which I will...