Gap Year

Effects of a Gap Year
Many high school seniors are at a standstill, because they are unsure if they want to attend college right after graduation. College is not any easy endeavor, but focus is the key point to a professional college career. Keeping that in mind, to some students it is not a fun experience, nor is it something that will always keep the minds attention. To a lot of high school seniors it is a necessary step to getting to his/her professional career, and there is no avoiding the process of having to attend college. In order not to be burnt out on school, a break is necessary in order to reach the end of the road that is college, and pocket a degree that will help in the near future. The following are the effects of taking time off before college that could harm and help the student: detractment of likeability, prolonging of career, but as a good effect able to save money and get careers goals in order.
Often, detractment of likeability on a university level affects the chances of getting into college once a gap year has been taken. Once the student applies to the University, the university may not like that he/she decided to take time off. If admissions are tight, and he/she is trying to attend a popular and demanding school, it can cause a problem if they have been away from academia for too long. High school grades become less valuable as time passes on, and a prospective student has to have more than just good grades if a university is to admit the student.
Also, prolonging of career is another effect of taking a gap year off. Again, once a year is taken off, college tuition may have gotten even more expensive. Students fail to realize that the longer he/she waits to do financial aid, tuition goes up and not enough money will be dispersed through financial aid. Also, a student may not be able to graduate in four years, because if year is taken off, the curriculum may change. This change may require a student to do five years instead of four...