Gap Year

Jones 1
Jada Jones
Ms. Jackson
25 May 2015
High school and College students taking a Gap Year
Should teens in the U.S. adopt the British custom of taking a “gap year” between high school and college? Even though wasting time and falling further behind their peers, teens should be able to adopt the custom of taking a gap year because gap year helps students with more opportunities before graduating or going to graduate school and the students become more mature. A gap year is a great idea for a student to figure out what college is best for them. This give the student time to choose activities on their days off away from school. The program is an opportunity for an experience to go forward for the student future goals in life. The students can explore their interests in a year or two, while getting ready for their graduation. Some students choose to do the gap year program instead of going to graduate school after graduation.  
Many students sometimes worry about the small detour from college, their parents also worry about the same exact thing. This detour might leads to falling back from the students school work or being unfocused. It can also take away from the classroom experience. By the student return, they might be a little rusty on a couple of things. The student may have to find a job during the gap year, some gap year programs don’t require money at all. And others can cost a lot or the money will be added to the already costly college education.
If the student is working during the gap year that give them time to save a lot of money along the way. That money can be used for tuition, without leaning on the student loans that much. The student won’t have to owe that much later in life. During this time the student can also travel and work on adding things on their resume. What if they need it for another college they are interested in? That’s a great way to process the way the student is deciding on if they would like to switch or stay with the...