3.0 Data gathering procedures and outputs
The proponents first decided to limit potential clients to schools. The proponents looked for schools that would allow them to create and implement an automated system that will have a significant impact on their daily tasks. The proponents had initial meetings with several schools. The group proposed an enrollment system to the first school, but had to withdraw the proposal because the school did not cooperate. The enrollment system was also proposed to the second school but was not considered since that school already had a working system for enrollment. Finally, the enrollment system was proposed to the Alabang Elementary School, but later needed to be changed to an Attendance Monitoring with Grading System due to the client requirements. An Interview was conducted at this school to determine their requirements.
The proponents made the following preparations prior to the interview:
  * A list of questions was prepared to ensure that the group will be able to maximize their time with the client.
  * The time and day for conducting interviews was planned.
  * The recommendation letter from our case study adviser was prepared as a proof that the study is a school requirement.
An interview was conducted with Ms. Phoebe Acero, who manages the school and is also the school’s guidance counselor. During the interview, the proponents found out about the school’s background, how they started, who are involved and what kind of processes they have. The problems being encountered were also discussed. She gave examples of their grading system and monthly attendance monitoring. She stated that they need to convert their monthly attendance monitoring into a computerized system wherein they can retrieve data from the past as long as it is stored in the database. The proponents decided to create the system and the client agreed.