G.O.A.T. Rapper

Rap is a music genre that rises to the top. Among the rappers, Eminem represents the 21st century as one of the greatest of all time. Rap is a genre that every musician has different styles; therefore, it is harder to choose who is the greatest. However, I find Eminem as the greatest with reasons such as   long career, album sales, and rap skill.

He had long career of 17 years as a rapper. Even all this time, he is still making new music that becomes the best-selling, award winning master pieces. He started from the streets and rapped his way to stardom. In 1999, he was signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath to drop his major label debut album : The Slim Shady LP. It was a massive hit and made Eminem a music icon. Right now, people still listens to his music from his old days and new. He has the title of "Rap God," which is self-explanatory.

Another reason he is the greatest is his album sales. He has Guinness World Record of fastest selling artist with his album, Marshall Mathers LP.   It is the album that remains one of the most sold albums of all time. i want to focus not only his success on album, but also his success in albums. Two of his albums was got diamond for the massive sales. His hit singles such as "Not Afraid" and " Love the Way you Lie" has gained new audience that guarantees the rapper's album sales sky rocketing. Over all, he has sold 152 million albums during his career which no one can follow up so easily.

Lastly, he has one of the best rap skill. He can manage to bend words to make words rhyme and has great multi-syllabic flow that is easy to listen for wide audience. He can diss anyone from fellow rappers to President Bush. The flexibility of his skill made him what he is today. He is White, and he was living in time where only Blacks were able to do hip-hop. He was the one who broke racial boundary in this genre. Therefore, he proved his skills to amaze everyone.

Eminem is greatest rapper for me. It is my own personal opinion, and...