Future Policing Paper

Future of Policing Paper
Sheri Minard
Gale Tolan

Future of policing holds many promises for today and tomorrow. We will discuss many trends that are affecting policing today. What kind of issues are these trends causing and how do they affect the police. In order to offer the best police department available changes need to be made to address these issues. (Future of Policing 2005). Balancing police work and a persons civil rights can be tricky at times. Police Officers have to avoid violating those civil rights. With technology so advanced one has to be very careful not to cross that fine line.
Even though technology has came a long ways in today's world, police responsibility has greatly changed. Technology is one of the most crucial issues with Officers. Advancement is happening so fast Officers can't keep up. New technology is only as good as the person operating it. Police now have the tools to identify someone by their fingerprints, and be able to track down and locate criminals whom have committed serious crimes. (Grant and Terry 2005). Computers have opened a whole new world by providing.   databases and surveillance. Not all departments have the ability to use this technology. As we move into the future all police agencies will be able to access this information.
Another issue police are seeing as technology advances, so is crime. Criminals are smarter than we give them credit, they figure a way to out whit or hack these computers and tools. Finding a solution to stop these criminals from hacking into these systems would reduce the crime rate even more. Some of the ways crime used to be committed has slowed down. This is only because we are entertaining them with a much more advanced equipment to figure out.
Police are also dealing with electronic warrants, more time passes before this information enters databases for others to search. Due to this an Officers safety is in jeopardy while waiting. (Perbix, 2001)....