Future Letter

234 Somewhere rd
Anywherebuthere, NA 23412
21 December 2014
Mr. Carl Harrington
434 headshot lane
Woodruff SC, 29388
Dear Carl,
Hello Mr. Harrington, I am you. Well you will be me in 5 years. That is if you do everything that I tell you to do. If not you’ll be a bum that still does body piercings. Yes, body piercing was fun and all but I’ve moved on to bigger and better things. For example, remember how you wanted to be a major computer hacker? Well guess what, you did that and got arrested for it now we are head of Security for the FBI. Yea that’s how good you got at it. Plus you were only in prison for a year when the FBI came to you.
You’re still not married, but go figure right? Hey it’s only been 5 years. But in these 5 years we have developed time travel…. Too bad we can only send Microsoft Word Documents. And that’s because of you. So work on it more and maybe in five years it’ll be better. And yes your Attitude on the world has changed. You still hate it but now we can work on getting rid of it.
You’ve lost a lot of friends in the process of becoming who you are. You also lost Total Mayhem. Bummer. But you’ve gained a lot more official FBI friends. How cool is that? You still hang out with a couple of your ECPI friends. I won’t tell you which ones because I didn’t know at your age so you don’t get to know ither. Some are scared to hang out with you because your working for the FBI.
Some advice for the me to make you me: Do good in school. That’s a biggie, because if you don’t then you won’t be a hacker and you wouldn’t have gone to prison and you won’t be me. Also pay close attention in Mrs. Ervin’s classes because those is what helped you talk your way out of a lot of t he trouble you got into. I won’t tell you want it is but trust me. Mrs. Ervin Helped.
The you that is the future,
Carl Harrington