Future Company

As any adult girl I have my dreams of my future company.   How is his feature, where he lives, what he possesses are things out of my considerations.   I want him to be my soul company, so I want him to be as the following.  

  I want him to be a man with a great ambitious.   So he will be similar to me in that point, which gives us a better chance to have a successful life.   Life that has a meaning. Life without goal is not a meaningful life.  

I want him to be as old as me, or at least near to my age.   I feel that I can understand him easily, if he is young, because we have the same experience of life.   I hope that we both will be in our late twenties, when we get married.   We will be adults, which gives us the ability to choose the right person.   We will be able to differentiate between love and marriage, our emotions will be clearer, and our thinking will be more accurate.   As a result our choices will be more precise, as we know what exactly our needs.   I think that another benefit of getting marriage in the late twenties is that, people are usually more financially secured.   We will be in our careers, so we will be able to have a better life.

  Since money is the nerve of life, I cannot put it out of my considerations.   I want him to be a man who is rich enough in order to have a comfortable life without difficulties. Still money for me is not the most important issue; I mean to say: I am welling to live with a man, who is not wealthy, if I like his personality.   If I love my husband, we can understand each other.   Both of us will be willing to give and forgive, since this is the most important thing in any relation between humans

.   I hope that one day I will meet my future company, when I get my job.   I think that, it will be better, if my husband works in the same field.   So as to be together, beside's he will understand me. He will experience the same difficulties that I encounter.