Fury - Film Observation

October 27, 2014
Fury (Film Observation)

Not just for the written observation but also on personal interest I attended a film screening of the movie Fury, which is directed by David Ayer and released on October 17, 2014, in US theaters. Since the movie deals with the relationship of Germany and the US in World War II, the storyline was attracting for me, I took history in high school and college, and besides that I was born in Germany. In addition to that it was very opportune to talk with my American friend and teammate, who attended the movie with me, about the movie afterwards.
Perhaps, I watched the movie with different feelings than American spectators. Without starting a World War II discussion, but mention the historical background as the basis of the story and its impressions for me as an observer, the movie makes a big impression on the notion of the Second World War. To describe my impressions and reactions to the movie, I include appropriate sources and describe how I would rate this movie and why I would rate it this way.
Brad Pitt plays the commander of a Sherman tank doing battle in Germany in April 1945. I was surprised how authentic the movie delivered a real war event, not just because of the qualities of the actors, but also because of the film set that included authentic war objects (Ayer even cast the world’s last functional German Tiger tank) and the tactics employed in the film are pretty spot on.
The movie is set over just 24 hours, in my opinion a good method to facilitate the daily life of a US military man, for observers that try to relate with them 7 decades later. Typically, I am not a big fan of war movies, but this movie really convinced me that war movies can be quality movies. From the war movies I have seen before I often felt overwhelmed with tactics and fighting scenes, where too much was happening at a time, but in Fury I personally feel more related with the characters and more leaded through the events. The showplaces...